TTG CE3 Theme for WordPress

I am very happy and extremely proud to announce the immediate availability of TTG CE3 Theme for WordPress, a photographers' theme like no other, combining the creative potential of WordPress with the robust flexibility and customization features of The Turning Gate's CE3 framework and Lightroom's Web module.

TTG CE3 Theme for WordPress is a plugin for Lightroom's Web module which allows you to create custom themes for WordPress. Themes are responsive, Retina-ready, photo-friendly, suitable for writers and photographers, bloggers and photobloggers, designed to be awesome on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Themes can be used independently to power a WordPress blog or website, or combined with other CE3 components, either to supplement an existing CE3 website with a blog, or as the backbone of your site and running alongside CE3 galleries and Publisher for unprecedented publishing potential.

Oh, there is so much to tell ...

Purchase and Upgrade Options

TTG CE3 Theme for WordPress is available in our shop as either a standalone item, or as part of the new CE3 Blog & Galleries Bundle.

The bundle packs in CE3 Auto Index, CE3 Gallery, CE3 Publisher and the new CE3 Theme for WordPress with a 20% discount, making it an excellent option for new users getting started with CE3.

Existing users coming up from the older CE2 Theme for WordPress, or from our CHADO WordPress theme are entitled to a discounted upgrade. To claim your discount coupon, lookup your existing order and download the newly attached text file. Add CE3 Theme for WordPress to your shopping cart and use the discount code at checkout. Discounts may not be applied to the CE3 Blog & Galleries Bundle.

Purchase CE3 Theme for WordPress.

Purchase the CE3 Blog & Galleries Bundle.

Adaptive, Intelligent and Responsive

Darwinism in web-design? CE3 Theme for WordPress has those traits most essential to survival in the World-wide Wilderness. Among its many features are ...

Resolution-independent Iconography

Rasterized graphics fall to pieces on HiDPI and Retina displays, and that's why we use Font Awesome's vector-based icon library instead. On any display, at any size, your blog's UI elements will look crisp, clean and fantastic.

Responsive Design

I told you, CE3 Theme for WordPress is "designed to be awesome on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones", and I meant it.


Your layout and content adapts and reflows to accommodate whatever device on which it is being viewed. There's no need for a special mobile theme, no advisories to visitors that your site is best viewed on a wristwatch running the latest version of Chrome ... your blog goes everywhere, and that's all there is to it.

On-the-fly Site Layout

Built-in page layout options allow you to change your page layouts on-the-fly, from within the WordPress admin area.


Run with a one-column or two-column layout, with the sidebar on the left or right of your main content. Specify layout independently for your blog home page, single post pages, three separate page templates, archive page, search results, error page, etc. Create up to nine sidebars to display different types of supplementary content on different types of pages. Meanwhile, our intelligent sidebar management hides sidebars that you're not using, keeping your interface free of unnecessary clutter.

Image Replacement Logic

CE3 Theme for WordPress runs an improved version of the script-based image replacement logic that I first introduced in the CHADO WordPress theme. The theme intelligently loads higher-resolution image files when available and where appropriate, helping your images to look their best on Apple's Retina displays and other HiDPI screens.


On the left, a standard resolution image gone soft on a Retina iPad. On the right, a high-resolution image appearing crisp and sharp on that same Retina iPad.

Using the theme's built-in options, throttle the logic to strike your desired balance between site performance and image fidelity.

And because it's all so smart, we never load heavier images than are needed on standard resolution displays.

Dynamic Branding

Tying into our emphasis on visual fidelity at high-resolutions, the theme allows you to upload a variety of custom graphics for various display contexts. You can make due with the default favicon and Lightroom's identity plate if you'd like, or you can access the Theme Options via the WordPress admin to upload:

* Favicon
* Standard and high-resolution masthead images for desktop and laptop display.
* Standard and high-resolution masthead images for tablets.
* Standard and high-resolution masthead images for mobile phones.
* Home screen icons for standard and Retina resolution iPads and iPhones.

It's all pretty awesome, and serves to ensure that your blog always looks its best.

It's a theme, but also a theme framework.

Design it, export it, upload it, use it. Use it as it is!

But if that's not enough, if you're one of those people who relishes getting your hands dirty in the underlying code, then you're in luck. CE3 Theme for WordPress is designed to be as lean, clean and human-readable as possible. The entire WordPress loop exists within a single file, and we've consolidated as much as we possibly can to make it all the easier for you to modify should you need to. So you can run with it as is, or hack it to bits. Should be relatively hassle free either way.

It's a Lightroom Plugin. And it's CE3.

Surely you already knew that, but it's worth emphasizing because it's the only WordPress theme of its kind. Seriously, there is nothing else even remotely like this.


Customize your colors, typography, layout, identity, etc. all from within the familiar interface of Lightroom's Web module. Save your configuration as a template for future deployment or tweaking, and so that you can revisit your customizations to more easily implement future updates.

And because the theme belongs to The Turning Gate's CE3 family of plugins, it meshes seamlessly with our other CE3 creations. Setup a new blog to supplement an existing CE3 website, or setup WordPress as the backbone of your site, running alongside image galleries organized with CE3 Auto Index, Gallery, Stage and Publisher.

Tie it all together with PHPlugins

This is just awesome. With a simple PHPlugins function, you can manage your entire site navigation entirely from within the WordPress admin area. That's one navigation menu for your WordPress site, also integrated into all of your non-WordPress image galleries, gallery indexes, etc., managed easily from within WordPress. And it's dead simple to do.

We've got a new tutorial to walk you through it. You're going to love this.

More, more, more ...

Oh, there's so much more.

* Photoswipe-enabled image viewing for in-post images and galleries.
* Beautiful, threaded comments.
* Featured image support for posts on the home page, in single view, and in archives lists.
* fitVids JS support for responsive video embedding.

And standard CE3 feature support, including:

* Multi-level navigation.
* Integrated social profiles bar.
* Integrated responsive grid framework.
* Responsive HTML tables.

And all the rest of it ... and still more planned for the eventual 2.1 update.

See the Theme in Action

CE3 Theme for WordPress is brand new, and so the install base is relatively small at present. But there are a few places you can see it running:

Campagna Pictures' Blog
It's been a live testing environment while I've been developing, so it's a little messy right now. I beg your pardon.

Rod Barbee Photography
Rod has updated his blog, previously running CE2 Theme for WordPress, to the new CE3 theme.

Life at f8
Niall has updated his blog from a homegrown theme that he originally designed to match the look of his TTG galleries and pages. He says that using CE3 Theme for WordPress makes things a lot easier.

Blue Block Photography
Ken Kramer recently upgraded his entire site from CE2 to CE3, and it just getting started with his new blog.

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